Getting the creation toolset

LiveCD yum repository

The LiveCD project requires some additional RPM which are not currently hosted by CentOS. You can get access to those packages by configuring an additional yum repository on your system. Create a file named /etc/yum.repos.d/centos-livecd.repo with this content:

# Name: CentOS LiveCD repository
name = CentOS $releasever - LiveCD
baseurl =$basearch/live
gpgkey =

If this location should not be available for any reason there is a mirror under

yum priorities

If you are using the yum-priorities plugin on your system, you will need to set priority=1 (or the same value as the one given for your core repositories) in the above configuration file. This will allow you to get the newer versions of pykickstart, dosfstools and syslinux from the LiveCD repository.

Installing livecd-tools

You are now ready to install the python scripts used to create the CentOS LiveCD:

# yum install livecd-tools syslinux anaconda-runtime

Note 1: the livecd-tools package requires newer versions of pykickstart, dosfstools and syslinux than those provided by CentOS. The LiveCD yum repository configured above includes these updated packages.

Note 2: anaconda-runtime is optional. It provides the implantisomd5 binary which is used to implant a md5sum signature on the resulting LiveCD ISO image.

Kickstart configuration files (optional)

The LiveCD creation process requires a kickstart configuration file. The format of this file is the same as the one used for automated installations. The kickstart file can include some basic system configuration items, the package manifest and a script to be run at the end of the build process. Here are the latest versions of our configuration files:

  • centos-livecd-minimal.ks: a minimalistic LiveCD (download|view)
  • centos-livecd-desktop.ks: the CentOS LiveCD (download|view)

You are now ready to create a CentOS LiveCD image.

Subversion (optional)

The CentOS LiveCD project toolset is maintained in subversion. Use the following command to download the latest revision of the complete toolset:

# svn checkout